Home-made Salad

Pickled cucember, picklet tomato, sauerkraut, Korean carrot. Special salad for Vodka
550 g
110,00 UAH

Bavarian salad

Grilled sausages, mixed salad leaves, pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes. Dressed with spicy sauce.
200 g
124,00 UAH

Caesar Salad with chicken

Iceberg lettuce, chicken fillet, bacon, cherry tomatoes, parmesan. Dressed with “Caesar” sauce.
200 g
155,00 UAH

Greek Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, Feta cheese, olives and lemon. Dressed with olive oil.
200 g
110,00 UAH

Salad with smoked salmon

Boiled egg, asparagus, smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce, sweet pepper and onion with olive oil.
190 g
154,00 UAH

Caesar Salad with tiger shrimps

Iceberg lettuce, tiger shrimps, parmesan, cherry tomatoes. Dressed with “Caesar” sauce.
200 g
210,00 UAH