About Us - O'Connor'S

In April 2010, one of the oldest districts of Kiev, Podil, has opened an Irish Pub O’Connors, where you can feel the Irish spirit, to get pleasure from the democratic and fun atmosphere.


The interior of the pub “O’Connors” orthodox: dark wooden furniture, heavy chairs and tables. The walls in the main hall lined with red bricks and decorated with oak panels.Pictures of the old kinds of Ireland, various objects attached to the charm of retro style.VIP room: “Fireplace” and “Red” in its own cozy and quite roomy. Here you can comfortably seat close by, and no one interfering with, enjoy the comfort and quality factor of the Irish Irish cuisine.


Pub O’Connors “offers visitors an Irish and European cuisine. If the dishes of European cuisine more – or less clear, then the page of dishes of traditional Irish cuisine should pay more attention. The most famous Irish dish is considered to be “Irish stew” or “Irish stew.” This famous dish – the classic example of the time when families had only one pot, in which everything is ready.


The pub you can always try the beer quality. You will be offered as well-known beer brands from Europe and Ukraine as well as traditional brand of Irish beer. Beer «Guinness»-is a legend and a symbol of Ireland, the most famous in the world of Irish beer. This Irishman can not be imagined without this wonderful pint of beer in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Or the famous Irish ale «Kilkenny». For its strong, bitter but nevertheless unusually mild flavor does not believe the gift of the divine drink. Beer «Harp» is a relatively young brand – it only appeared in 1959, to celebrate the 200 – anniversary of the brewery Guinness, but this does not prevent him from using the wildly popular. It is also possible to taste famous Irish cider – «Magners» in our pub.


In the O’Connors’ you can combine pleasure with enjoyable, namely: watch football battles drink beer, well, or something stronger. There are all conditions: large screen, as well as nine LCD panels, which are available in all rooms and cozy corners. In the great hall is a stage on which to perform live music, various music groups.

Before St. Patrick's Day ...