Large beer set

Nuggets, pork ears, beef jerky and smoked cheese. Served with different sauces.
700/50 g
429,00 UAH

Munich sausage mix

Served with sauerkraut, horseradish and mustard sauce. A dish for two people.
390/150/100 g
335,00 UAH

Dublin smoked salmon

Thin strips of salmon with toasts, butter and olives.
100/30/30/50 g
284,00 UAH

Plate of assorted cheese

Three kinds of cheese with walnuts and honey and grape.
170/30/30 g
175,00 UAH

Grilled Tiger shrimps

Grilled tiger shrimps served with salad mix, lime and cherry tomatoes.
200/100 g
540,00 UAH

Chicken wings

Crispy fried chicken wings with “Sweet Chilly” sauce. Served with celery, carrots and cheese sauce.
250/60/50 g
149,00 UAH

Chicken wings in honey sauce

Fried chicken wings in honey - soy sauce, served with sweet pepper and garlic mayonnaise.
250/30/50 g
149,00 UAH

Platter wings of calamari and onions

Deep fried rings of calamari and onion rings. Served with “Tar-Tar” sauce.
200/50 g
165,00 UAH

Cheese sticks with berry sauce

Served with raspberry berry sauce and lemon.
180/50/30 g
139,00 UAH

Beer snack

Assorted beef jerky and lavash-chips.
175 g
220,00 UAH

Herring with potatoes

Herring fillet, fried bread, boiled potato, lemon and pickled onion.
100/100/100 g
96,00 UAH

Creole potatoes

Fried potato with creole spices. Served with garlic sauce and “One thousand island” sauce.
250/50/50 g
89,00 UAH

Pork ears

Fried pork ears served with garlic mayonnaise.
150/50 g
99,00 UAH


Crispy chicken nuggets. Served with honey sauce.
180/50 g
139,00 UAH

Soup of the day

Please, ask your waiter for the day’s option.
250 g
45,00 UAH

French fries with ketchup

250/50 g
79,00 UAH

Fried mushrooms

Served with garlic sauce.
180/50 g
87,00 UAH

Bread sticks

Fried brown bread in cheese and garlic-cheese sauce. Very tasty dish for beer.
200/50 g
59,00 UAH

Set for Vodka

Plate of assorted bacon. Served with "Tartar" sauce.
150/50/30/30 g
122,00 UAH